About Us

Our story

Bikedesk is made by bike people for bike people. We are three founders with a large passion and interest in bikes, and we regularly participate in Mountain bike races in Denmark. Our team consists of two engineers and one computer science major and we finished our studies in 2016. While we were studying we developed the bike marketing platform Bikematch.dk, which resulted in us learning a lot of bike shop owners. This project still exists, but we use 99 percent of our time developing Bikedesk.
While making bikematch, we found out that there was no tailored bike shop management and retail system, which lead us to collaborating with 5 bike shops in order to develop a new and dedicated all-in-one bike shop retail system which is called Bikedesk. We are always developing and improving our system, and we love to get feedback and new ideas from our customers and users.

Our goal

Our goal is to make the best bike shop system on the market, which saves time, make trivial tasks easy and increase revenue. We know that we are not bike shop owners our selves, but we rely heavily on feedback and feature request from our users. We also work closely together with bike trade associations, vendors and PSP's, in order to make the life as easy as possible for our users.

Since launching the first version in August 2016, our bike shop customers have used our system to continuously register millions in turnover and create thousands of tickets and customers each month. And the numbers are raising exponentially each day.

Happy customers share the news, and we often get a lot of referrals from our existing customers.

The Team behind Bikedesk

Brian Jakobsen - Founder

Rasmus Melbye - Founder

Lasse Melbye - Founder

Tobias mathiesen - Developer

Casper Tobiesen - Support, SoMe

Torben Frigaard - Strategy, Angel investor

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