What is GDPR?

GDPR Bikedesk

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is EU’s new law coming in to effect from the 25th of May. The law sets the rules for how companies can handle and use data for EU

citizens. The purpose of the law is to make it easy for the consumers to see what happens with the data and how companies use it, as well as the right to have all data deleted.


The law therefore contains requirements to you as a shop as you are the “data Controller”. You must therefore inform your customers on how you manage their data in a so called Privacy policy. This also means that when you use a third party program like Bikedesk, it is your obligation to know how we handle data as we are the data processor.


Bikedesk has you covered with a Privacy policy that you can use in your store

In general it is your own responsibility to have a Privacy policy, but we have made a template for one that you can customise and use for your store. We are all in for Work smarter, not harder, and that is why we will provide you with a template, so all our customers dont have to pay money to get their own one made.

Contact us pr. email to get the template Privacy policy.

How does Bikedesk full-fill the GDPR?

In Bikedesk we save customer info and we are therefore know as the Data Processor. Commonly data processores are the third party systems that you use, i.e. you Email client, Book keeping software, web shop system and in this case POS system. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure that we as a third party software full-fill the requirements of the GDPR. Therefore we have made a data processing agreement, which describes how we handle customer data on your behalf, so you can be sure that we meet all GDPR requirements.


How do you sign the Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

Our Data Processing Agreement can be obtained by asking us via mail or telephone. It is the your responsibility to sign the agreement and to be compliant. Do you have any questions, you are most welcome to call or email us.