How to get started

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What do I need to get started?

Bikedesk runs on all platforms, so you only need a computer or tablet to get started.

The common setup to run Bikedesk is:

Besides this, if you want to print price labels you can use a label printer.

Can I re-use my current hardware?

Yes, most of the time. If you already have a computer or tablet or a receipt printer, you can simply try out if this works by creating a free account. We have guides to setting up hardware here.

Card readers or payment terminals can be reused if they are not integrated.

Are you in doubt if your hardware can be reused or do you need help testing if it can? We are there for you! Simply call us or write a messages.

What if I need some new hardware?

If you need a full starter package or just a receipt printer we have you covered.

If you buy the hardware from us we know the hardware and can easily support you if something goes wrong.

We will also support you in setting up the hardware when you buy it from us.

Contacts us with your needs and we can send you a personalized offer.


What if I need a new Card Reader?

If you need an integrated Card Reader for accepting cards. We can supply you with the SumUP card reader.

You can read more about the card reader here.


Can I import data?

If you already have digital data, such as products or customers, we can help you import it.

The requirements are mostly that you can provide it to us in a csv or excel format.

If you want to know more about this service, text or call one of our sales engineers.


Can I start by myself?

Yes! Just click the Try now button below, and we have a first time use guide in the system.

But if you need help or want a demo, you are always welcome to schedule a talk with one of our sales engineers.

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