Store setup, Currency, Logo etc.

This is a short guide to setting up your store for the first time

Login and go to settings.

Here you will see all the settings available for your store.


VAT % and Currency

Put your countries general product VAT % in the field that say TAX and find your currency in the list besides it.

If you have a different VAT on some products, you can set this on the specific product.


Logo, address and bank info

Find the Company info area. Here you can put in the info about your Bike shop.

The info will be used on receipts, invoices and outgoing emails.

Logo upload: In the top right corner of the “company info” box there is a small “pencil” click this and upload your logo. (PNG, jpg, GIF,)



Below “Company info” you can add users.

The system is not limited on number of users, so you can add as many as you want.

The users can be selected when you make a new ticket or sell items in the POS system.

This way you know who is responsible for what ticket and you can see who is most effective in the statistics.

Below the login box, you find the “Forgot your password?” option.

Click this and you will receive an email from the system about how to reset your password.

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