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How to setup printers, computers etc.

This is a guide on how to setup your cash drawer to open automatically when a receipt is printed

Notice: A cash drawer is activated by your receipt printer, so it only works together with a receipt printer.

  1. Check that your cash drawer has a cable
  2. Plug this cable into your receipt printer
  3. Now you need to configure your receipt printer for it to work


  1. In windows go to “printers and scanners”.
  2. Find the receipt printer in the list and click manage printer.
  3. Go to Device settings.
  4. Set Peripheral unit 1 / Cash Drawer 1 to “Document top”.
  5. Now click “Apply”.

Test by printing a test page an see if the drawer opens. If the drawer is locked by the key it will make a “clicking” sound which means it works.



How to get your receipt printer to open your cash drawer on mac

  1. Go to http://localhost:631/printers/ in you browser this enters Mac’s print server.
  2. If the computer says: “Web Interface Disabled” Go to the section below.
  3. Go to “printers in the top menu.
  4. On the list, click your receipt printer.
  5. In the drop down select “Set default options”.
  6. Click the “1. Cash Drawer” and select “Open Drawers 1 and 2”.
  7. Click “Set Default Options” and you are done.
  8. Test it by printing a receipt in Bikedesk.


Web interface Disabled.

  1. Copy paste: cupsctl WebInterface=yes.
  2. Click cmd+space.
  3. Search for Terminal and click open.
  4. Copy paste: cupsctl WebInterface=yes – into the terminal and click “Enter”.
  5. Go to step 1 above.

This is a guide on how to set up your receipt printer to work correct with Bikedesk

Important: This guide is only for Google Chrome

  1. Connect the printer and install drivers as per the manual.
  2. Click print (receipt) in Bikedesk.
  3. In the print dialog find the printer scroll down and click “more settings”.
  4. Select paper: 72mm x Receipt / 80 mm x Receipt  (Depends on your specific printer, but select the one that matches your paper).
  5. Disable “fit to paper”.
  6. Set margins to “none”.
  7. Set “scale” to 100%.

When the settings are correct, the preview should look like the picture below with a long paper and some small text in the top.

If the printer prints out a long roll of paper, make sure that margins are set to none and disable headers and footers if present.

Bikedesk is a web app, optimized to work on Computers, Mac, iPad and tablets.

The app is optimized to run in Google Chrome, and we always recommend you to use Chrome for best performance.


Can i reuse my current hardware?

Mostly yes. Log in and give it a try to see if it runs smoothly.


Does it work on Windows?

Yes, but use Google Chrome as an internet browser  and not Edge or Internet Explorer.


Does it run on a Mac?

Yes it runs perfectly on a Mac.


Does it run on iPads?

Yes iPad 2 or newer models that are updated to the latest version of IOS. The only thing to notice is that iPads can’t print on “normal” receipt printers, as iPads only work with airprint. We have a specific receipt printer that works with iPads. Please contact us if you are interested.


Does it run on Android?

Yes. But try with your tablets to be sure.


Other things:

For best experience we recommend a screen resolution of minimum 1280*1024.


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