WooCommerce integration, etc.

You can connect your WooCommerce Webshop with Bikedesk, so stock is always in sync!

  • WooCommerce integration syncs stock both ways. Either when a sale is made in the POS window or when a sale is made on the webshop.
  • You can create products from Bikedesk directly in your webshop, but not from your webshop to Bikedesk.
  • Stock sync is based on Product number, meaning if the system find a product in Bikedesk with the same number on the webshop, these two will sync.


There is no sync of customers between the two systems. When a product is created from Bikedesk to WooCommerce, it is not created as sub variations. To handle variantions and stock sync, you must add the product number from Bikedesk that you want sync stock with on the variation in WooCommerce.

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